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The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

Title: The Duff
Author: Kody Keplinger
Pages: 304
Publisher: Little Brown's Poppy
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

  Seventeen year old Bianca Piper isn't like the other girls in her grade. She doesn't flaunt herself around boys, she believes in brains over beauty, and she doesn't fall for Wesley Rush's charm. She actually hates Wesley always have. But when Wesley tell Bianca that she is the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) she hates him even more and throws a coke in his face.
But as things at home go from bad to worse Bianca realizes that she needs a distraction. And she finds it in a very complicated Friends with benefits relationship with Wesley Rush. But as their relationship progresses Bianca realizes that he isn't as bad as she thinks he is. And his life isn't as perfect as she thought it was. And to her surprise she is falling in love with him.
 I absolutely loved this book. Which is weird because for the two years I have seen the book at bookstores and just walked right past it thinking that it was going to be terrible because of the cover and the title. I didn't want to read a book about a girl being call the Duff. It just sounded mean and terrible. But I decided to give it a try. Here are the three reasons why I loved this book

#1 Relatable
Ok so if your are a teenage girl or have ever been a teenage girl you know how high school and relationships can be. I'm seventeen and as I was reading this book I was saying" whoa I totally know how that feel" and " I remember when I went through that when I started high school" I have never read a YA contemporary novel that I related to so much before.

#2 The Characters
The characters in this book were so honest and real that It was incredible. I really loved Bianca two best friends Jessica and Casey. Their friendship towards Bianca was great. They are the kind of friends that everyone needs and wants. But I will admit I didn't like how Bianca treated them in the middle if the book. She didn't trust them enough even though they were ALWAYS there for her.

# 3 The Romance
I am ashamed to admit it but it's true, I'm a sap when it comes to romance. I love that kind of romance where the people hate each other at first but as they get to know each other they find out that they complete each other. Well that is exactly how Wesley and Bianca's relationship is. Bianca is very cynical and blunt and wants things in a certain way. Wesley is very carefree and a live in the moment kind of guy. So when they get together it's exactly what the other one needs. I also love that it's cliche. I am very tired of the skinny perfect girl getting the guy. So when I read this book it was a very refreshing relationship. Bianca is described as curvaceous girl and voluptuous. And it was nice to read about a not size 0 girl getting the incredibly hot guy. It was great.

The Duff was a very surprisingly good read. I would recommend this to anybody who want to read a very cute light read love story. But I do have to warn you there are some sexual parts in this book so if that's not your style or your not old enough to read this book than it might not be for you.

Hope you all enjoyed this review and again sorry for being gone for so long but I'm back now.

Happy Reading 

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