Monday, January 2, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new.

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Year. Can you believe we're in 2012? Anyway if you been on my blog before you can see that I have made some changes around here ( I hope you like it). I also have some new weekly/monthly things that I'll be doing around here. I'm also going to be doing a different style of blogging. You know, different writing styles and things in that nature. But back to the new things on this site. Here are a list of new things that will be featured on this blog,

New things I'll be doing this year will be:

Author Spotlight- A monthly post where I tell you guys about authors that are popular that month either to me or the book community. Since this week is John Green week, he shall be the first

Blogger of the week- Where I tell you about my favorite blogger of that week

Top ten Tuesday- This is hosted by broke and bookish. It's  a weekly meme where you tell your top ten of the week for the topic this choose. This Tuesday is top ten books I'm excited for in 2012. Expect this tomorrow

In My Mailbox: This is hosted by the story siren.This isn't really new, I said I was going to do this when I started the blog. But I haven't been very consistent on it. So what I mean to say is expect more and better IMMs.

That's all the new things at the moment. I might come up with new things down the road.

Oh and remember when I said I was going to have lots of reviews for you guys since I was on a two week vacation from school and well everything else for that matter. Well... I don't. See I didn't really read any books these two weeks. Mostly because I was lazy and slept through most of it. Sorry guys. But I will have a review up this week. I am currently reading Paper towns by John Green so that should be up very soon.

And I forgot to tel you guys that I have a goodreads page that I made about a month ago but forgot all about it. So if you guys want to follow me there I will leave a link below.

Well that's all for me. See you guys tomorrow.


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