Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just Listen

Title: Just Listen
Author: Sarah Dessen
Pages: 383
Released: April 6, 2006
Grade: A+

I've been reading a lot of Sarah Dessen lately. So expect more in the near future. Just saying. And sorry that this isn't a very good review.

Annabel Green life is crumbling around her. Her sister almost died from having an eating disorder, her best friend hates her because she thinks that she was with her boyfriend, and her mother is pushing her to do modeling even though she dosent want to. So Annabel tries hard to be the perfect girl for everyone's sake Annabel wants something good yo happen in her life. So, Owen comes into her life. A music obsessed guy who shows Annabel that you can't always be the person everyone wants to be. As Annabel and Owen get closer, Annabel starts to wonder if she should let him in on a secret that she kept to herself for years about what happened one night.

I enjoyed this book very much. This book defently goes into my favorite pile. Annabel is such a relatable character, especially to people who have so much pressure on them to fit this certian mold that people are expecting them to fit into. Like with her mother. Annabel hates modeling but she does it to make her mother happy and not cause anymore probloms in the family.

And Owen. Ah! I loved this character so much. He's just amazing. So owen is this realy tall, skinnish guy who is obsessed with music. He really helps Annabel come to terms with herself and accept what happened to her. He's a very likeable character.  In the book no one really spoke to him because he is very intimidating. So Annabel was pretty skeptic about him. But at the end he's perferct.

I'm not sure who is my favorite male Sarah Dessen Character. Is it Eli from Along For The Ride or Owen from Just Listen??

Well that's all for this review. Check back soon for more reviews coming soon!!

Keep reading and DFTBA
 ~ Lisse

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