Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Demonglass (Spoilers)

Title: Demonglass (book 2 in the Hex Hall series)
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Pages: 359
Released: March 22, 2011
Grade: B-

Caution: If you haven't read Hex Hall, I suggest that you do not read this review as it consists of spoilers. And no one like spoilers. No they don't . Now on to the review!

Demonglass takes place about 5 months or so after the events in Hex Hall. Sophie is still trying to get used to everything that happened. After fighting her demon grandmother's ghost, finding out she's actually not part witch but part demon, and using a secret sword called the demonglass to kill her demon grandmother. Sophie just wants things to go as close to normal as the possibly can. But when her father comes into the picture unexpectedly, he shares some news to her that is far from normal. First he tells her that he wants her to spend the summer with him in England. Sophie is reluctant but agrees only if Jenna can come along. He agrees and the all go to England. But when they get there Sophie realizes that it won't be just them. They are staying in this beautiful Victorian house with the other council members and two other teenagers. But Sophie realizes that they aren't just teenagers. They're demons. Which means that someone is growing demons

This book was... ok. I had high hopes for this book but it didn't really meet that. Don't get me wrong it was good. But not great. I didn't really like the plot. It was good at first but than towards the middle it got sort of bland. The one thing that I was happy about was that Cal was in this one a lot more. Cal has been one of my favorite characters since the first one. But he was always in the background. So I was so happy that he was one of the lead characters in this one. And I must say that was some ending. Best cliffhanger I have ever read. Kudos to Rachel Hawkins. But sadly the plot killed it for me. So I must give it a B-

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