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Title: Willow
Author: Julia Hoban
Pages: 336
Released: Febuary 23, 2010
Grade: A+

On a cold rainy night in March, sixteen year old Willow Randall was driving her parents home from a having dinner because they were too drunk to drive. As Willow is driving, she loses control and crashes the car into a tree, killing both her parents. Seven months later, Willow has left behind her old school and friends to go live with her brother, his wife, and their daugher. Everyone thinks that Willow is fine and that she has coped with the death of her parents. But what they don't know is that Willow has been cutting herself to block out the pain. As Willow falls deeper and deeper into depression she starts to believe that no one can help her. Until Guy walks into her life. A smart and sensitive guy who just wants to help Willow and understand why she's doing this to herself. As Guy and Willow grow closer to each other, they start a relationship that will change Willow's life forever.

There are very few books in this world that make me cry when I read it. This was one of them. AsI read this book I could feel Willow's pain. I could feel her sorrow, anger, and her fears. This book is so real and heartwarming that I couldn't stop the tears from falling.

The characters in this book were so good.  I really loved Guy's character. He's the kind of guy that every girl either want as a best friend or a boyfirend. Or both. He's always there for Willow and just refuses to give up on her even when she pushes him away. This book get a nice solid A+

For fans of Speak and Thirteen reasons why

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  1. What a good review! I think I might cry at this story, too.
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