Thursday, December 8, 2011

Along For The Ride

Title: Along For The Ride
Author: Sarah Dessen
Pages: 383
Release: June 16, 2009
Grade: :A+

Oh Sarah Dessen. You never fail me.

Along for The Ride is about a girl named Auden West ,who never got the childhood that would be considered normal. She was always treated like an adult by her parents so she missed out on a lot of the milestones that come with being a child and teenager. Like learning how to ride a bike. Auden spends most her days studying for classes that havent even started yet and spending her nights at an all night diner drinking coffee and studying some more. She finally relizes that this is not what she wants to do the summer before her freshman year of college So Auden desides to go spend the summer in the beach town of Colby with her dad, his new perky wife Heidi, and thier newborn daughter, Auden's half sister, Thisbe (or Isby as they call her).  Auden dosen't expect much to happen. But while she's there she winds up working as a book keeper at Heidi's store. A clothing boutique called Clemintine's, a place where Auden would never even thinkabout stepping  foot in, she suddenly relizes that this summer isn't what she expected. She even meets people she would never expect to grow so fond of. Like Eli. A quiet boy with a troubled past who, like Auden, spends his night roaming the town of Colby. Together Eli and Auden help each other in ways no one else could. Eli helps Auden do take adventures that she's missed out on. And Auden helps Eli let go of the past and get back on the bike

Best. Sarah. Dessen. Novel. Ever! It was so good. I couldn't believe how amazing this book really was. I have to admit I was putting off reading this book for a while. I wasn't sure I was really going to like it. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to relate to Auden. But man oh man was I wrong. I felt like Auden was a real person. Like we all know somebody who seems so perfect and so educated at such a young age,but seems so unhappy. Not that Auden was miserable, she just wasn't living the life she wanted. And Eli was an amazing character. He has to be one of my top five favorite male characters in a Sarah Dessen novel (my top is Owen from Just Listen). He was so great and funny. In the book he is dealing with the death of his best friend Abe. They both rode bike together and competed in tournaments all the time. But after Abe's death Eli stopped riding bike all together and mostly kept to himself. Until Auden came along

Along for the Ride is perfect for any Sarah dessen fan. It so cute and so funny I absolutely loved it. And of coarse like any other Sarah Dessen novel there will be cameos characters in her other books. I give this book a solid A+

Well thats it for this review look out for my review on Hex Hall, Willow, and Hush,Hush coming very soon. And also look out for reviews on other Sarah Dessen Books. I just put up one on Just Listen

Happy reading
Lisse :)

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